Nay for Media offers our clients all their requirements from conceptualization to execution, We work with you from concept creation to final execution

Our professional operations team will manage every aspect of your event, from stage, sound, light and technical solutions to invitation and tickets design and print. With dedicated suppliers in place we are able to handle any event requirement our clients may have

We also manage advertising and marketing campaigns for your event from A- Z

Nay for Media Event's Portfolio:

Nay for Media exclusively Manages all the events/concerts of Amr Diab in Egypt

Prior our official opening, Nay For Media has been involved in the technical management of the following events:

  • Marina 2008 (Stage, light, sound, video- shooting)
  • Marina 2009 (Stage, light, sound, video- shooting)
  • FUE 2009 (Stage, light, sound, video- shooting)
  • Marina 2010 (Stage, light, sound, video- shooting)

Nay for Media executed officially the below events:

  • FUE 2010
  1. Stage set-up
  2. Light set-up
  3. Sound
  4. Booking Amr Diab for the event
  5. Booking David Vendetta for the event

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